Why Scrap Metal Yards Don't Usually Show Their Prices

The truth is, an ever-changing market makes it difficult for us to show our prices. Rest assured the team at Alexander Scrap Metals will always strive to pay the best possible price for you at all times. We can achieve this by working closely with various exporters to make sure we are "on the ball" with market conditions and have a good idea of what the market is doing at all times because frankly it is unpredictable.
- The non-ferrous markets are traded commodities meaning they work the same way as the share market or foreign currency exchange.
- The ferrous market (steel) has a lot of variables to it including a number of different grades, as you may have seen from our "What We Take" page.
If you have something to sell or recycle then give us a quick call at 0800 141 530 or 09 426 9150 to get the best possible price. 

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