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These guidelines were created by the NZ Association of Metal Recyclers- please head to their website for more information.

Metals are separated into one of two basic grades, which are referred to in the scrap metal recycling industry as ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Once a metal has been identified and graded according to international specifications, we then determine the price of the metal at the time of purchase. Prices are regularly subject to change as dictated by the fluctuations in the world market, and prices are likely to vary slightly nationwide (e.g. depending on location). Read more about how scrap metal pricing works here.

Ferrous Metals
These metals, scrap iron and steel, are magnetic, and are generally heavier than most non-ferrous metals. Some of the most common grades of ferrous metals that are handled by our members are described as follows:
Non-Ferrous Metals
These metals are non magnetic and are generally lighter and more valuable than ferrous metals. There are numerous grades of nonferrous metals, including aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and lead.

The most common products handled by our members for each of these grades are described as follows:

Commitment to the Environment

At Alexander Scrap Metals, we get out of bed motivated and ready for the day knowing that we are making a real difference to the environment by keeping metal out of landfills. Did you know that NZ metal recyclers collectively divert 740,000 tonnes of metals annually from NZ's landfills? To put that into perspective, NZ processes 25,000 tonnes of plastic every year and not all of that is recyclable.

Our favourite part about the job is the variety of objects we get through the yards- just when you think you have seen it all, something unique will come in. By doing our part to keep metals out of landfills, we're helping our economy (scrap metal was NZ's 23rd largest export earner in 2018) and our environment by reducing the amount of toxic metal waste leaching into our soils.
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